Terms and Conditions for EBSCO - USMAI
Terms and conditions apply to USMAI
Vendor: Ebsco Subscription Services (CP-*4865)
Most electronic resources are protected by copyright and also subject to a variety of licensing restrictions on access and use. Your campus may also have additional policies that govern the use of electronic resources. Some important terms and restrictions for EBSCO - USMAI are listed below. Please ask us for further assistance.
Limitations on access
Limitations on simultaneous users: Unlimited
Walk-in library use permitted? Yes
Remote access permitted? Yes
Additional restrictions on usage
Printing: Permitted
Downloading: Permitted
Sharing: Permitted
Other Access Restrictions: Must comply with the Copyright Act of 1976. See Harvard Business Review (HBR) license for special restrictions on HBR.
Restrictions on library services
Interlibrary Loan: Permitted
Interlibrary Loan Delivery: Print or fax. Electronic.
E-reserves: Permitted, delete upon cessation of use.
Archiving: No
Perpetual Access: No
Coursepack usage
Paper coursepacks: No
Electronic coursepacks: No
Notes: No
License description
License PDF: [License]
Date of license: 08/18/2009
Subscription/renewal term: 7/1 - 6/30
Managing library: USMAI
Other information
Breach instructions: Make every reasonable effort and document that effort to remedy a breach within 30 days.
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