Terms and Conditions for ZZZ-Superseded-20120502-Project MUSE-2005
Terms and conditions apply to USMAI
Vendor: LYRASIS (CP-*7209)
Most electronic resources are protected by copyright and also subject to a variety of licensing restrictions on access and use. Your campus may also have additional policies that govern the use of electronic resources. Some important terms and restrictions for ZZZ-Superseded-20120502-Project MUSE-2005 are listed below. Please ask us for further assistance.
Limitations on access
Limitations on simultaneous users: Unlimited
Walk-in library use permitted? Yes
Remote access permitted? Yes
Additional restrictions on usage
Printing: Permitted
Downloading: Permitted. Note: "offline browser" must be configured to request no more than one article per minute.
Sharing: Permitted. Note: only send one copy
Other Access Restrictions: noncommercial use only. E-reserves and electronic coursepacks must use a persistent or durable URL and access is to be restricted to students enrolled in the course. Each item to carry source and copyright information.
Restrictions on library services
Interlibrary Loan: Permitted
Interlibrary Loan Delivery: Print or fax. Electronic.
E-reserves: Permitted, delete upon cessation of use.
Archiving: LOCKSS and possibly Portico Yes, LOCKSS, Portico, or other shared online archive.
Perpetual Access: Yes. Note: Approximately 90 days after the expiration of an annual subscription term, Project MUSE, upon request, will provide the Subscriber an archival (non-searchable) file on DVD-ROM or other appropriate media containing the content if all issues published online during the 12-month subscription term.
Coursepack usage
Paper coursepacks: No
Electronic coursepacks: Yes
Notes: Delete upon cessation of use.
License description
License PDF: [License]
Date of license: 12/16/2005
Subscription/renewal term: 01/01-12/31
Managing library: USMAI
Other information
Breach instructions: Johns Hopkins University Press may terminate the access of the IP address(es) from which unauthorized use occurred or Subscriber shall terminate such Authorized User's access to Project Muse upon JHIP's request. JHUP will notify Subscriber within forty-eight (48) hours of termination of access. If specific abuser(s) cannot be identified or stopped, JHUP has the right to withhold, suspend, or terminate access to any or all content, without liability.
General Note: All journal content is subject to "fair use" provisions of U.S. or international copyright laws. Requests for authorization to distribute copies of articles beyond permitted uses requests should be sent to Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).
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