Terms and Conditions for Oxford Journals 2010
Terms and conditions apply to University of Maryland, College Park
Vendor: EBSCO CP-*4865
Most electronic resources are protected by copyright and also subject to a variety of licensing restrictions on access and use. Your campus may also have additional policies that govern the use of electronic resources. Some important terms and restrictions for Oxford Journals 2010 are listed below. Please ask us for further assistance.
Limitations on access
Limitations on simultaneous users: Unlimited
Walk-in library use permitted? Yes
Remote access permitted? Yes
Additional restrictions on usage
Printing: Permitted. Note: "single copies of limited portions of the licensed works"
Downloading: Permitted
Sharing: Permitted. Note: Print only.
Other Access Restrictions: Electronic course packs and electronic reserves: provide links to Licensed Works. No commercial use.
Restrictions on library services
Interlibrary Loan: Permitted
Interlibrary Loan Delivery: Print or fax. Secure Transmission. Follow CONTU guidelines.
E-reserves: Permitted, delete upon cessation of use.
Archiving: Portico, CLOCKSS or similar 3rd party archive Yes, LOCKSS, Portico, or other shared online archive.
Perpetual Access: Yes. Note: For Licensed Works published for the first time during the Subscription Period. Licensee shall pay any relevant hosting fees.
Coursepack usage
Paper coursepacks: No
Electronic coursepacks: Yes
License description
License PDF: [License]
Date of license: 02/17/2010
Subscription/renewal term: 1/1 - 12/31
Managing library: University of Maryland, College Park
Other information
Breach instructions: The Institution agrees to notify OUP USA as soon as practicable if it becomes aware of any loss, theft or unauthorized use of the Institution's user Names, passwords, or other access control mechanisms or any breach by an Authorized User of this Agreement; and agrees to cooperate with OUP USA to take all reasonable efforts to correct such practices and acknowledges that OUP USA will have the right to terminate access to the Licensed Works provided thirty (30) days written notice, and/or request that Institution terminate access of the persons making such unauthorized use of the Licensed Works pending resolution of any such misuse.
General Note: Payment due within 45 days of receipt of invoice
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