Terms and Conditions for Medici.tv
Terms and conditions apply to University of Maryland, College Park
Vendor: Medici.tv
Most electronic resources are protected by copyright and also subject to a variety of licensing restrictions on access and use. Your campus may also have additional policies that govern the use of electronic resources. Some important terms and restrictions for Medici.tv are listed below. Please ask us for further assistance.
Limitations on access
Limitations on simultaneous users: Unlimited
Walk-in library use permitted? Yes
Alumni users permitted? No
Remote access permitted? Yes
Additional restrictions on usage
Printing: Prohibited. Note: Any partial or whole reproduction of Audiovisual Programs, on any media, is prohibited.
Downloading: Prohibited. Note: The Establishment/User may not under any circumstances consider that they own the digital files corresponding to Audiovisual Programs. Any partial or whole reproduction of Audiovisual Programs, on any media, is prohibited.
Sharing: Prohibited
Other Access Restrictions: •Do not make comments or distribute content, in any form whatsoever, that violate the rights of others or that is defamatory, abusive, offensive, obscene, violent or inciting violence, racial, political, homophobic or xenophobic and generally any content contrary to the purpose of the Website, laws and regulations in force, the rights of persons or morality; • Do not post, disseminate, or broadcast, in any form whatsoever, information or content that incorporates links to other websites that are illegal, immoral and/or not consistent with the purpose of the Website; • Use the Services in accordance with the purpose described in these Terms; • Do not transmit content that reveals the private or personal matters of any person; • Do not distribute content intended to promote goods or services.
Restrictions on library services
Interlibrary Loan: Prohibitted
Archiving: No
Perpetual Access: No
Coursepack usage
Paper coursepacks: No
Electronic coursepacks: No
Notes: No
License description
License PDF: [License]
Date of license: 01/09/2018
Managing library: University of Maryland, College Park
Other information
Breach instructions: 30 days to correct any breach committed by an authorized user. If the Establishment has reason to suspect security has been breached, including loss, theft, or unauthorized use of its Users' login IDs and/or passwords, the Establishment agrees to immediately notify the Company.
Cancellation Days: 0
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